Dangdut Indonesia, Musik Indonesia

Dangdut is the music of Indonesia, an amazing lively music.
Dangdut music is widespread in Indonesia, if there is a public event, there is Dangdut music to entertain the mass.
From marriage parties passing by car shows to political events, Dangdut music is always there.
In recent years, Dangdut music production went down because of the bad piracy, so there was no interest in invertment to create new Dangdut albums which need time, efforts and money while there will be no profit after all, because the piracy and CD copying  on a large scale in the black market and the streets of Indonesia.
Only live Music Dangdut events and shows continue to survive to this day because the general public loves Dangdut music and because of the need to have public events and entertaining the masses.
Dangdut music is more popular in towns, villages and the outskirts of the cities then inside the lorge cities, but the largest part of population lives outside the cities.
Although Dangdut music is relatively new when compaired with the traditional Indonesian music, but it really took the country by storm, there are radios and TVs that are specialized in brodcasting Dangdut, that's why it is the music of Indonesia because it is the choice of the masses… in bahasa Indonesia: Musik Dangdut Indonesia.

Indonesia Received the Western Music and Fixed it, This is Dangdut

While other cultures around Indonesia received the western music and adapted it as is, Indonesia Changed it.
Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and other Asian and non Asian coutries, received the Western music and Adjusted themselves to it, the Indonesians did exactly the opposite, they adjusted the western music to their choice.
If you listen to today's Vietnamese, Thai, Philippines, Korean and many other countries and culture's music, they all seem to be photocopies of Rock, Pop, Rap music and so on… except in Indonesia.
Indonesian music stands out very clearly, today Indonesian music is Dangdut, it is not Rock, it is not Pop, it is not Rap, Music of Indonesia has its own personality, it is not flat like a photocopy.
Today's Indonesian music is the rich mix of the Past and the Present, the mix of the east and the west, the mix of the North and the South of the whole world, this is rich Dangdut music of Indonesia.
Of course Indonesia has rock music, pop music and rap music, but make no mistake because it is not rock, Pop and Rap it is more than that it is Dangdut.
It has  all of them and it has its own, today's Indoensian music did not loose its soul.
Welcome to the Dangdut Musik of Indonesia.
Dangdut music is the very rich way of creating music and creating entertainment, Dangdut music is the rich way of listening to the best music.