Why Dangdut Midi.

I am a Dangdut music lover and I don't like the ringtone of my cellular phone.. Sure but what does this have to do with Dangdut music…
I tried to change the ringtone of my cellphone to something else, but all what I got was noise and noise and noise… Too bad… I am sure there is a lot better idea to make this cell phone ring the way I want.
The best idea I got is to have dangdut music plays on my music anytime someone calls me, this would be the best idea.
So how I do it, I first locate a lagu Dangdut asyik  that I love on my computer, and using a third party software I convert it to a midi file.
Email the midi Dangdut file to my self and open the email from my cellular phone.
now I can download the lagu Dangdut midi email attachment to my phone.
Now I just need to select new ring tone, and point where the lagu Dangdut midi to the phone, that's it.
next time someone calls my cell phone, my phone will play my favorite Lagu Dangdut Asyik instead of that old annoying ringer! Great, this is the power of Dangdut Midi.

What is Dangdut Midi anyway.

If this is your first time hearing about Dangdut midi, or if you hear people talking about it but you really don't know what it is, here is a brief explanation so you can get an idea..
Midi is a music file type, used on cell phones as ringer sound.
Music midi files look like this: "SongName.MIDI"
while the same mp3 music file would be: "SongName.MP3"
Since midi files are the music files for cellular phones ringers, why not changing the original ringer with my favorite LaguDangdut.MIDI and have my favorite song as my cell phone ringer..
Sounds great and cool, and it can be done.
-Impress your friends and people around you when your favorite Dangdut midi music starts to play.
-Show your support to Dangdut music by having a Dangdut midi Indonesia plays instaead of your ringer.
-Proudly show people around you that your are a Dangdut fan, install a lagu Dangdut Midi and let it play when you receive an incoming call.
-Have the Lagu Dangdut hot or not that you love on your cell.. and have fun..