Dangdut is an Organized and Well Built Music

Dangdut music is not just mixing instruments and playing music, Dangdut is an organized well built music.
Dangdut music is very well organized, a Dangdut band uses various instruments in harmony to produce Dangdut music, from Western instruments, Indonesian intruments to even Mediteranean and Indian musical instruments, they all play together properly in an organized way, there is time for the gendang which is the Indonesian drum, time for the seruling which is the Indonesian flute, time for traditional gamelan, other time for the tambourine and other western instruments as well, failing to respect this Dangdut organisation will end up creating any kind of music except Dangdut, sometimes you hear all these instruments playing together, but they fall under the fusion music not Dangdut.
Dangdut music became a respected tradition that built a whole music industry in Indonesia around it, where thousands of musicians, singers, dancers and families earn depend on.

Dangdut Music and Fusion Music

When you look sometimes at some fusion music bands you think that you're in front of a Dangdut band, but the reality is something else when they start playing the music, they don't play the Dangdut way even though they use the same instruments just to show off the capabilities of the musical instrument and the skills of the musician without any defined path.
Dangdut music has its own system, using the mixsture of instruments is necessary but not it is definately not enough to create Dangdut music.
The flow of music, the coordonation and timing of the music and musician engagements that's what creates the Dangdut music, not just playing the various instruments and pushing the limits.
Even though Dangdut music has many colors and flavored styles, but it keeps its own strict path whether the Dangdut music played is classic Dangdut, koplo, tarling, house or other kind.
Even though every music is personal because it is the fruit of the artist, but its structure respects the Dangdut organized system.