No Download Necessary.

If you are still thinking that you need to download Dangdut music to store it on your hard drive, think again.
Do not waste your time doing that, while you can enjoy the Dangdut music video performace online, there is no more need to download.
When the computer revolution started in the 1990's, downloading a song was a kind of a magic.
You click and the download  begins, then you create all your Dangdut music download library and loose track of what you have and what you don't have.
Today's magic is to listen, watch, enjoy and appreciate without the inconvenience of the download headache.
Music video is the future, and the future is here right now.
Are you still looking to download hot Dangdut music, maybe not, once you get used to the luxury of watching Dangdut music video online, your download habits will disapear naturely, guaranteed.
So cheers! Dangdut continues, no download needed! 

Download Dangdut Music to Your Player, Good or Bad idea..

Okay, now we all know that we all love Dangdut music, that's why we are here, but I like to share the following story::
As a Dangdut Music lover, I download lagu Dangdut and I keep them on my player.
I want to listen to Dangdut music everywhere: at home, in school, at work, in a taxi cab, on the road, in the office, in the park… I want Dangdut music everywhere.
So I start to carry my music player every where with me and I keep it in my pocket where I also have a phone… Then I take it to my office where I have a computer, and when I go home I take it with me and use it next to my laptop or netbook…
Now what am I doing is just using the wrong device everywhere and carry it everywhere again and again.
What I decide to do is, leave my music player home and use the internet because it is available everywhere, then use any device anywhere to connect to the internet, I can listen and watch Dangdut; and yes, that's easy.