Dangdut Hot or Cool Music Lives Forever

The live Dangdut music rhythms make the singers and crowd of audience excited alike, so watch for unique Dangdut shows that mixes Belly Dance hip dance with sexual tease dance and excitement, sometimes the tease is really light and too sweet, sometimes Hot Dangdut turns the heat up and the tease gets more hot, so you see a switch from a happy song with happy crowd to hear the voice of the singer; moaning mixed up with the song, and that apply to the dance with more sexual tease gestures and dance movements, it seems that Dangdut music can be real cool, but be aware, it can turn on the heat and become real hot too, this is the main reason lots of people are turned away from this beautiful music, in fact the music itself is wonderful but Hot Dangdut dance is too hot for some so they prefer to stay away of it, but the Dangdut stays the most popular music in Indonesia, it is only a matter of time now, sooner or later, Dangdut music will conquer the whole world.

Dangdut Music, Heart to Heart.

Dangdut is popular but the question is why.
No matter who you are and what you are, Dangdut music has a big space for you, Dangdut lovers are from all ages, maybe the younger crowds are more excited about the Dangdut because this music got lots of life in it, lot of fire that can heat up your heart, listen to it and feel the energy crawling in your veins, full power Dangdut music is stronger than a Red Bull can, look at the people jumping, dancing excited, Hot Dangdut, is real hot and your source of daily energy,
Dangdut music is easy and hard music, only in Indonesia you'll find a fully equipped music band that can play the real rhythms of this wonderful Dangdut, while listening and enjoying makes your day easy and fun, putting so many incompatible musical instruments to work together is real hard but not to the Indonesians, they made it happen with the Dangdut music, Dangdut Made in Indonesia is the music from the heart and to the heart

Dangdut is the Music of My Country; Dangdut: the Music of Indonesia, Dangdut Musik Indonesia, despite their unique diversity, Dangdut Music is what all Indonesians have in common.

Indonesia is a big country with thousands of islands, thousands of communities on the Islands, thousands different people, thousands of different traditions and of course different spoken languages, different music, different dances, different songs.
So based on that, Java island has its own language, its own traditional music, its own songs and dance, Bali island has it's own language, its own music its own dance, and so on for Sunda, Sumatra and all the other Indonesian Islands, but all of them love Dangdut, play Dangdut, sing Dangdut and listen to Dangdut!

Dangdut: is what all Indonesian have in common:

  • Before talking about Dangdut, we have to understand that Indonesians have many important things  in common including 1 main major language which is the Indonesian Language taught in all schools and spoken in all Indonesia, that's called in Indonesian: Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Then when we talk about dangdut we know that they have 1 main major music that they love: this is the Dangdut or Musik Dangdut.
  • Yes, Dangdut is the music of Indonesia, all Indonesia, that's why you don't be surprised to find out that there is a famous Dangdut song called: Dangdut is the Music of My Country click to listen to it, it is a dangdut pop or Popdut song. the song shows how unique and diverse Indonesia is and shows how much love all Indonesian people from adult to baby have for their Dangdut music.