Lagu Dangdut, Lagu Dangdut Asyik, Musik Indonesia

If you are not familiar with the Indonesian Language, you will not really understand the meaning of the word "Lagu" nor the word "asyik" but you will probably understand the meaning of "musik".
Lagu means song in Indonesian language, and the word "asyik" is usually used when listening to a beautiful song or music, when the listener love the music he says "asyik" which means a lovely Dangdut music or lovely Dangdut song that touches the heart deeply.
That's why there is "Lagu Dangdut" which means Dangdut songs, and there is also "Lagu Dangdut asyik" which is most beautiful Dangdut music.
Because Dangdut music and songs are so beautiful and touch the hearts of people.
When people listen to the Dangdut music and say asyik… asyik, they really mean it!
Only Dangdut lovers understand why and when to say it, and only real Dangdut lovers get this feeling of joy that Dangdut music creates inside their happy hearts.
Musik Dangdut Asyik opens up your senses to a new you, when you listen to real lagu Dangdut asyik you fall in love with life, you will understand the joy that beautiful sounds can ceate in you.
That's why Dangdut is asyik and that's why Dangdut music is awesome.

What is Origin of the word "asyik"

Indonesians love Dangdut music and they associate the word "asyik" with their love to this wonderful music, but this word asyik has its own history and origins including Arabic and Persian roots, we will talk about the Arabic roots because it is more connected to the Indonesian language.
The word "Asyik" comes from the arabic word: "aashik"
The word "aashik" in the Arabic language means the person who is in love, they usually use this word in the Arabic language to describe the deep and intense love that a person has to his partner or to his lover.
The word aashik in arabic comes from the verb "aashaka" and it has the meening of the very deep and intense feeling of true love toward someone.
As we said earlier, usually people use it to express their deep love to their lover, but it is very widely used also to express the superior love to lovely music as well, so once we understand the use of this word in the Arabic language origine, we can now understand why it is used this way in lagu Indonesia and musik Indonesia.
It is the deep love that a human can have toward the Dangdut music, this is why there is musik asyik, Dangdut Asyik and lagu Dangdut asyik.
Dangdut music touches the soul so people fall in love with it no queston asked.